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The ZZA Factory’s motto is simple…use great ingredients and end up with great food. And that’s why every ingredient the ZZA factory uses is the best of the best. Whether it’s the best mozzarella cheese produced in Wisconsin, or the best meats and sausages made right here in Chicago…ZZA Factory doesn’t skimp on quality. It’s quality name Brand ingredients that make our food the best in town.

" We believe that fast food can taste great and still be made with great natural ingredients. That's the Zza Guarantee."

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Looks like just a fast food restaurant but turned out to be more. A very unique concept. A wide variety of items well done. Price was very reasonable. I had the Chicago fire pizza, verrrrry yummy 😉, and decided to try one of their specialty fries, the "aloha", and the fries had a kicl, but absolutely spectacular. My daughter had the pepperoni personal pizza and it was way too much for her. A very big bang for the buck in my opinion. Locally owned even, and friendly staff, keep up the good work is all I can say to them. And to everyone else you, have to stop by and give them a try.

This is a nice place to grab a quick bite. I took my two daughters here, and we ordered a personal pizza and some chicken wings. We did not finish it all and even brought food home. The food is very tasty. I recommend it. For a Sunday night, it was not busy. The service was fast. I would come back again to try other items on their menu.

We mostly get delivery. I think they know us by now. Get a milkshake!!!!! Their food is amazing. Personal pizzas are perfect you have left overs. Their fries are great, if you like honey mustard try theirs. Their salads are good too! Sometimes we order one and split it!

Fast Food with a smile! It’s worth the drive. The Puffs, Chicken Parmesan, Philly Cheesesteak and Beef are on the money!

This place is ridiculous. Absolutely insane. I’m flying back to Chicago just for this place. Omfg. The way the cheese melts all over this thing. The seasoning is just perfect, allowing the flavor of the meat and cheese to still pop. The bacon is perfect. Not too salty and doesn’t overpower anything else. Just as it should be. The fries are absolutely perfect. Crisped to perfection allowing the juicy meat and cheese to sit on top without them getting soggy. I really am a huge burger fan and can’t believe I found a burger place this delicious. It’s absolutely perfect.

This is the absolute BEST Italian beef I have ever had in my life. Hands down, no contest. The beef is sliced slightly thicker and tastes like it is higher quality and not quite as salty as other places. Which I like a lot. You can taste the quality of the meat much more. The bread is better as well. Its not super chewy and hard to rip apart like a lot of french rolls are. The cheddar cheese sauce adds an awesome touch. Their giardiniera is made IN HOUSE. For all these reasons, coupled with the very fair pricing, this is by far the best Italian beef I’ve ever had. Not only do I come here from work now, but I also purposely go out of my way to come here. Highly recommend!

Our whole family loves ZZA Factory! Detroit-style pizza is my absolute favorite style of pizza, so naturally this is my favorite local place for pizza. Having the options to go easy on the sauce and to get my pizza well-done are such game-changers! Plus, my kids love the chicken fingers kid's meal, so they do other food fantastically as well!

Got the Grandma's Zza with sausage and a Nashville hot chicken sandwich delivered. Food came quickly and was piping hot. Pizza was certainly unique with the cheese and crust being together and the sauce drizzled on top. Definitely hit the spot! Chicken sandwich was surprisingly good as well. Will definitely try more from here!

Absolutely fantastic grilled chicken sandwich and onion rings. Friendly service and a clean, chilled environment. I would eat there a lot if I lived in the area.

EXCELLENT PIZZA! We loved the spinach cream sauce! Excellent gyro with plenty of fresh vegetables and feta. Great tzatziki as well!! The cheesy beef on garlic is so tasty and the fries were perfect!! Best friendly and accommodating staff! Thank you so much!


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